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Arborist Landscape Architect Consultant Donald Godi

Donald H. Godi, FASLA, PLA, RCA#444
Consulting Arborist, Licensed Landscape Architect
13260 Willow Ln.
Golden CO 80401-3543
phone: 303-989-2853
fax: 303-989-2854
Consulting Arborist and Licensed Landscape Architect Donald H. Godi, FASLA, PLA, RCA #444, Principal at Donald H. Godi & Associates, Inc. (DHGA), Applies his unique talents acquired through training and experience to a concentration on landscape evaluations and tree and landscape appraisals for public and private clients throughout and beyond the Rocky Mountain Region. Skills developed over decades of design and construction implementation, horticulture applications, and the training acquired through the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) consulting academy have combined to create unparalleled abilities in evaluation support as a consulting arborist.

Mr. Godi provides objective evaluations that are based upon proven methodologies and logical application of risk assessment and observed defects. His team at DHGA offers a wide range of arboricultural consulting services to insurance companies, attorneys, nurseries, landscape architects, engineers, homeowner associations, governmental agencies, and private property owners.

Disciplines Include:
  • Hazard Tree Evaluations
  • Landscape Management Plans
  • Application of Appropriate Plant Selections
  • Tree appraisals
  • BMP’s of Tree Planting and Establishment
  • Coordination of Wildlife / Timber Needs
  • Herbicide Damage Analysis
  • Tree Mitigation in Development Areas
  • Effective Analysis Reports of Findings
  • Standards of the Industry Evaluations
  • Costs of Cure Analysis and Construction Cost Estimates
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Donald H. Godi, FASLA, RCA, et al
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