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Trucking Transportation Consultants Terry Morgan Inc

Terry Morgan, DLP, CTL, Surface Transp. Practitioner
Christina M. Comisarek, Transportation Safety Expert
703 S. Elmer Ave., Ste, 116
Sayre PA 18840
phone: 800-765-8789
Terry Morgan, Inc. (TMI), is dedicated to the operations, management, economics, and regulation of Trucking and Distribution services. With over 40 years in business, their clients include law firms, insurance companies, state and federal agencies, financial institutions, transportation businesses, warehousing, manufacturing firms, and freight brokers.

Consulting Services:
  • Motor Carrier / Rail Administrative Law
  • Truck involved Accidents
  • Physical Distribution Management
  • Shipping Dock Operations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Transportation Economics
  • Motor Carrier / Driver Safety and Operations
  • Freight Broker Operations
  • Passenger Operations
  • Loss and Damage Claims
  • Contracts
  • Rates and Leases
  • Warehousing
  • Traffic Management
  • Terry Morgan Transportation Expert PhotoTerry E. Morgan has been a credentialed transportation expert for over 50 years. He has participated in over 1,200 consulting issues throughout the United States, for shippers, carriers, freight brokers, and loss and damage claims. Prior to owning his own trucking business, Mr. Morgan was a Traffic Manager for IBM Corporation, a Transportation Manager for Northrop Corporation, and General Manager of a diversified trucking and distribution company. He taught transportation, marketing and sales, business law, industrial supervision and ICC Law and Practice at Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, California and California State University at Northridge, California.

    Mr. Morgan has written numerous operations and safety articles for trade publications, tariffs for both freight, emergency services carriers, and passenger carriers, as well as being the Founder, Editor and Publisher of the Trucking Business Journal since its inception in 1993.

    Christina Comisarek Trucking Safety Expert PhotoChristina M. Comisarek is a Transportation, Driver Behavior, and Driving safety Expert. She has been driving mostly short doubles for over 20 years. Ms. Comisarek also has experience with triples,long doubles, and drivinf school buses. She has been awarded Accident Free Driving all 20 years of her experience.

    For the last 10 years. Ms. Comisarek has been the manager of a small trucking business overseeing the daily operations, all of which prepared her for her transition to a Saftey Trainer / Instructor, Consultant, and Expert Witnesss.

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