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Law Enforcement Expert Witness Robert Johnson

Law Enforcement Policy and Practices Consultant
Robert T. Johnson
Lt. Colonel (R)
Palos Heights IL 60463
phone: 708-217-8872
Robert T. Johnson is a Law Enforcement Veteran with 32 years of active service. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Illinois State Police, Mr. Johnson continues to serve as a private consultant and expert witness regarding Law Enforcement Policies and Practices most frequently for Use of Force and Police Pursuits but has also testified regarding other police policy & practices issues. He also conducts Sensitive Internal Investigations as an independent investigator for municipalities regarding allegations of Police Misconduct. Mr. Johnson has extensive experience in Police Administration, Management and Supervision, Criminal Investigations, Use of Force and Officer Invoved Shooting Investigations,Patrol Procedures, Complaint/Internal Investigations and Task Force Operations.

Robert Johnson has been qualified as an expert witness in state and federal court. He has consulted and testified for numerous police agencies as well as plaintiffs in litigation regarding the use of force/deadly force, pursuits, emergency vehicle response, and other policy issues. Mr. Johnson has been retained as an expert in well over 100 cases and has testified at several civil trials, State & Federal. Areas of Expertise:
  • Agency Policies, Practices and Customs
  • Batons, Flashlights and other Impact Weapons
  • Chemical Irritants & Electrical Weapons
  • Deadly Force; Shooting Avoidance and Alternatives
  • Employee Dishonesty Investigations
  • Neck Restraints and Similar Defensive Tactics
  • Positional Restraint Asphyxia
  • Prisoner Transport, Restraints, Handcuffing and Hog-tying
  • Retention of a Known Unfit Employee or Negligent Entrustment of a Weapon
  • Search and Seizure
  • Standards for Discipline, Internal Affairs Procedures, (In)Adequate Punishment
  • Use/Protection of Confidential Informants
  • Vehicle Pursuit & Emergency Response Policies & Techniques
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