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The Soul

By: Peter H. Dennis
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We often hear people use the word "soul." They talk about "mind-body-soul", they might state that someone "has soul," they can point to a "poor soul," they may designate certain individuals as "soul mates," and they could talk about operating on a "soul level." What exactly are they talking about? Do they really know themselves? Are we a soul or do we have a soul? What then, is a soul?

Most people don't have clear answers to these questions, but I have found some metaphysical sources and some case studies in regression hypnosis that can shed some interesting light in this direction. Here's what I've found so far:

  • A soul is a light-energy expression or aspect of the prime light-energy source of all, the Prime Creator. Put another way, a soul is a piece of God.
  • Each human is the result of a body that has been entered by a soul while in the womb.
  • We are souls who enter bodies in order to have a human, physical experience.
  • The soul gives life to the body; it is the animating life-force. When our bodies die, we don't because we are divine, eternal parts of the Prime Creator.
  • Souls enter the unborn fetus at different times. Usually, we enter near the beginning of the final trimester and take time to get the soul mind in sync with the brain of the fetus.
  • Once in the body, we leave frequently as life in the womb is confining and boring. We also take time away from the body, after we are born, because the body is still confining to the spirit (soul). We do this during sleep and at certain other times.
  • Souls know what they are, they are aware of all they have learned from previous lives, and they know their individual goals for the present life. Upon incarnating, the newborn baby remembers much of this, but by about age five or so, has forgotten it because it has chosen to participate and learn in a physical world of limitation and seeming separation from the spirit world (and God). We couldn't do this honestly if we knew what we really were.
  • Each life is designed. We choose our parents and some of the individuals who will play key roles in our new life. Themes and experiences are targeted but how we achieve them is left to free choice. Our future is not set in stone, free will prevails.
  • As souls, in the spirit realm, we exist in groups ranging from approximately seven to about a dozen. It is from our own soul group that most of the major players in a physical life are selected. This is all done by agreement, with our mates, so that we evolve as individual souls and as a soul group.
  • Some souls are relatively new and have not existed very long (in soul terms) others are more advanced, and some old souls are highly evolved and have less need to incarnate in the physical.
  • Old souls can have hundreds or thousands of earth lives. Others have much fewer as they learn faster.
  • Between earth lives, we debrief each life with guides and evolved masters. We spend time learning from all of our physical life experience, and we prepare for the next life so we can learn more and evolve further.
  • After many incarnations, for most of us, our experiential learning has accumulated so that we become much more aware of the grand design and evolve to a point where we rejoin the Prime Source Energy, from which we came, contributing to its expansion.

These ideas, of course, cannot be verified scientifically, as science just hasn't the tools to do so. Metaphysical sources and hypnotic regression case studies are certainly consistent in presenting these ideas, but that doesn't make them true. However, true or not, many people take great comfort in learning that death may not be that big a deal after all, that there may be a grand plan for each of us, and that much of life's unpleasantness is for a purpose. What do you think?

Peter H. Dennis is a Author, Speaker, Hypnotist, Meditation Instructor and Nordic Pole Walking Instructor. As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Mr. Dennis draws upon his more than 40 years of Human Resources Management experience to help individuals in their careers, fitness, spirituality, relationships, health, and wealth.

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