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March 2003

Using a Legal Nurse Consultant:
What's In It For You?

By: Nicki Minlschmidt, Analytica Medica, Inc.
25101 Bear Valley Road, P.O. Box 84, Tehachapi, California 93561-8311
Tel: 661-821-1692 or toll free 877-413-1129
Fax: 661-821-1620

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Plenty! Like the experienced paralegals and legal secretaries successful attorneys rely on to allow them to focus their own efforts where the effect will be the greatest, Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) are another powerful weapon in the attorney's arsenal.

LNCs can save an attorney time, money, and perhaps most important, bring to light critical facets of a case that might otherwise remain undetected. LNCs review medical records to determine where normal standards of care were met. Familiar with hospital staffing requirements, medical shorthand and terminology, and expert in deciphering the cryptic handwriting of harried physicians, nurses and technicians, LNCs are experts at ferreting out details that, to the untrained eye, might seem trivial-yet can make or break a personal injury or malpractice case, for either the plaintiff or the defendant. An LNC typically charges just 25-35% of what a physician would charge per hour to review medical records and provide concise, jargon-free reports. With good organizational, analytical and assessment skills, plus strong communication capabilities, an LNC can be a valuable asset to any lawyer handling personal injury and/or malpractice cases.

For several years LNCs have worked alongside attorneys helping them to win cases. Because of their organization and ability to educate they have become a valuable and indispensable addition to lawyers everywhere.

If your practice would benefit from the services of an experienced professional with specialized knowledge of the health-care system, add an LNC to your team and get ready to reap the rewards.

Nicki Minlschmidt, RN, CLNC, is the President of Analytica Medica, Inc., a Tehachapi-based legal consulting firm. She can be reached at 661-821-1692.

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