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2/7/2012 12:00:00 AM Releases Informational Video Revealing No-Cost Way to Find Expert Witnesses and Consultants for Attorneys and Businesses Seeking Higher Knowledge

Stockton, California, February 7, 2012 - The marketing platform known as released a new video this week revealing their no-cost method for finding highly qualified Expert Witnesses and Consultants. The video can be viewed at allows anyone to search from a large database of highly specialized Expert Witnesses and Consultants. Users can also request that a search be performed by staff free of charge. Biographies, CVs, Case Studies, and other Descriptive Information about suitable Expert Witnesses and Consultants is compiled in an online folder for the client, again at no additional charge.

Notwithstanding the advances in Internet technology and smart phone applications, the majority of the legal industry continues to rely on print directories and third party brokers to find people with highly specialized knowledge. "This is time consuming and expensive. The expert witness and consulting services at give better results, faster, and at no cost. Simply, you cannot beat it!" said Nabil Zumout, President and CEO of, who is an attorney himself.

In this litigious age, highly complex cases, ranging from intellectual property disputes to accident reconstruction, require highly technical knowledge. The cost of finding the right expert or consultant adds up quickly, often becoming a significant expense to legal firms and businesses. "Lawyers, just like everyone else these days, are looking for ways to make their operations more effective and efficient. Equally important, their clients demand the cost savings. We give them a custom list of expert witnesses who are certified and proven in their fields of expertise," Zumout said. gives the legal industry a quantum leap forward by providing access to a very large list of well-regarded expert witnesses and consultants in over 1200 categories of expertise. "You get your results quickly and there is never a charge. As an attorney, this makes a big difference in the quality of your work, the results for your clients, and, most importantly, in your bottom line. Why continue to pay a marked-up fee on every hour billed after hiring the expert? Why not just pay the expert's regular hourly fee? Why pay a broker $100-$300 more per hour, especially when the same expert is readily available through another source, like," Zumout said.

According to Mr. Zumout, who admits to having used a broker for the last time in 1998, the reasons for using a broker may vary. Some firms have long-established relations with brokers; others use brokers because that's the way it has been done or they don't trust alternative methods. This may have been true pre-Internet, but not necessarily today. Mr. Zumout questions whether attorneys have an obligation to the client to spend a reasonable amount of time researching the cost. "If you can get the same expert for $300 an hour instead of $500 an hour, shouldn't you do it? Shouldn't you tell the client? I am confident that any client, who is billed hundreds of hours in expert witness fees, would prefer to save thousands if not tens-of-thousands in fees that are paid to the broker and not the expert."

Since 1994, has offered Expert Witnesses and Consultants worldwide an effective, efficient, and economical way to promote their services and knowledge to legal professionals, the media and other prospective business clients worldwide. The new video is just one example of how this company demonstrates its leadership and remains on the cutting edge of its industry almost two decades later.

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