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Medical Office Building Fire

Services Performed:

Fire origin and cause investigation, and mold and asbestos testing of a six-story office building


The investigative team at EFI Global was hired to determine the origin and cause of fire in a six-story medical office building. The fire involved a fatality and injuries to several firefighting personnel.

Our personnel interfaced with numerous federal agents, private fire investigators and forensic engineers to perform and manage a joint examination of the scene and stand pipe evaluations and testing. Within one week of the scene being released by federal, state, and local authorities, our experts investigated the scene, collected and analyzed evidence and identified the cause of the fire.

Subsequently, our team was also engaged by the property owner to conduct testing and analysis to determine whether asbestos-containing materials were impacted by the fire-fighting and renovation activities.

Furthermore, we were engaged to conduct airborne fungal and surface mold testing and to develop a mold remediation protocol to facilitate the removal of water damaged and mold contaminated building material finishes throughout the building.

Solutions provided:

Our team efficiently and quickly performed the origin and cause investigation, allowing our client to begin the renovation process in a timely manner. Our experts also remained on-site during the renovation and remediation process, performing post remediation work, area visual inspections and airborne fungal clearance testing to ensure safe re-occupancy.

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EFI Global is a full-service Engineering, Fire Investigation, Environmental, Health and Safety, and specialty consulting firm. Over the last four decades, they have grown from a boutique firm to become a recognized leader in engineering failure analysis, origin and cause investigations, and environmental consulting. This expertise coupled with the extensive coverage of our 27 national offices, more than 400 professionals, and global work abroad capability allows EFI Global to deliver timely responses that consistently meets their clients' expectations.

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