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Aircraft Operations Expert Witness Matthew Winer

Matthew T. Winer, JD
Opa-locka Airport
14950 NW 44th Ct., Suite 10
Opa-locka FL 33054
phone: 305-790-1440
fax: 305-424-9463
Jet Management Associates, LLC (JMA), is a Miami-based Corporate Aviation Consulting firm that represents attorneys in all matters relating to corporate aviation transactions, disputes, maintenance, operations, and accounting. JMA’s suite of services include:
  • Litigation and Expert Witness Representation – Counsel Manufacturers, corporate, and individual clients on matters ranging from transaction disputes, escrow disputes, aviation insurance issues, management company disputes, maintenance organization disputes, FBO disputes, and aviation-related transaction disputes.
  • Aircraft Acquisitions Consulting - Negotiate clear, concise aircraft purchase agreements and leases, management and operating agreements with aircraft management/charter companies, which delineate the parties’ operational and financial duties.
  • Aircraft Management and Charter - Provide the full vertical of management services, including crew hiring/management, CPA-level reporting, charter sales and charter certificate oversight.
  • Aircraft Operations Accounting – Produce financial statements, reports highlighting material operating cost categories like average cost per gallon/room night/direct operating cost per hour, and comprehensive vendor list and back-up. Additionally, we audit the accounting of Part 91 and Part 135 operations.
Matthew Winer Aircraft Operations Expert PhotoMatthew T. Winer, JD, is the Founder & Director of JMA. He began his aviation career as on-demand aircraft charter broker and within 2-years, his company, Prudential Aviation, began acquiring and managing aircraft. In 2010, Mr. Winer merged Prudential Aviation together with Executive Air Services (EAS Charter), a 25-year old Part 135 aircraft charter operator. From 2010 until 2012 EAS grew its fleet from 3 to 14 aircraft, was recertified as an ARG/US Platinum Safety operator and added Wyvern Wingman IS-BAO Stage 1&2 designations. EAS expanded to three offices, managing planes as far as Trinidad and Dallas, TX. EAS is a BBB accredited Vendor, has membership in a number of local South Florida aviation organizations, and regularly exhibits at the annual NBAA convention.

Mr. Winer graduated from Babson College with a B.S. in Finance and Vermont Law School, with a J.D. and focus on commercial law. He has been cited in Business and Commercial Aviation, Aviation International News, Aviation Week, Avinode, Business Jet Traveler, Business Air, Corporate Jet Investor, FlyCorporate, South Florida Business Journal, Wings Magazine, and Executive and VIP Aviation International. Mr. Winer has lectured at Embry Riddle Aviation University and spoken at a number of Corporate Aviation Seminars.