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Fingerprint Expert Witness Allan Bayle

Allan Bayle
Independent Fingerprint Expert
77 Great North Way
London England NW4 1PT
phone: 044-0208-201-5687
fax: 044-0208-201-5687
Allan Bayle is a Forensic Scientist who has been engaged in the Identification of Persons by means of Finger, Thumb and Palm Prints for more than 31 years. Mr. Bayle is a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses and enrolled on the United Kingdom Register of Expert Witnesses. During his career with the Metropolitan Police Service, his name was on the register of Fingerprint Experts in England & Wales, which is held at The National Training Centre for Scientific Support to Crime Investigation in Durham, on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Mr. Bayle successfully completed the basic and advanced Forensic Scene Examination courses within the Metropolitan Police Service. He accomplished five operational tours of duty, examining scenes of crime covering burglary to murder scenes. In 1993, he received a commendation for his outstanding scene examination.

Allan Bayle has been a recognized expert since 1981. In April 1998, he completed a Forensic Ridgeology course in America and has given evidence on finger / palm identifications and related matters in all types of courts, including the Federal Court in Philadelphia, USA. He is considered considered Britain's leading authority on Forensic Ridgeology.

Areas of Expertise
  • Re-examination of Latent Print Evidence
  • Examination and Analyzing of Evidence for Latent Finger and Palm Prints (prosecution or defense
  • Comparison of Latent Prints and Inked (record) Finger and Palm Prints
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