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6/11/2013· Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Pharmacology: Dilaudid Overdose Alleged in Two Cases

By: Dr. Matthew Lee

Dilaudid is a commonly used opioid narcotic analgesic in hospitals due to its potency and effectiveness in the management of acute pain. On occasion, patients may be administered too much Dilaudid resulting in an overdose.


3/19/2020· Medical Malpractice

Revisiting the Executive's Role In Malpractice Cases: Reducing the Incidence of Medical Malpractice

By: Paul B. Hofmann, DrPH, FACHE

Although there are still too many instances when clinical mistakes are denied, timely disclosures and apologies are not made, results of investigations are not shared and compensation offers are not extended, more hospitals are taking a less adversarial position.

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