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4/7/2010 12:00:00 AM Launches FIRST of its Kind FREE iPhone Application - Available for Immediate Download!

Stockton, California (PRWEB) April 8, 2010 - is proud to announce the FIRST of its kind iPhone Application, providing Users worldwide an Efficient, Effective and Economical way to find and retain the most knowledgeable Experts and Consultants for litigation, business consultations, new business development, research projects, breaking news and other projects.'s President and CEO, Nabil E. Zumout, Esq., took over the operation in October of 2000 because he saw a need to streamline the Expert Witness and Consultants arena. He states that the iPhone Application, "…fits our over-all strategy. We do not broker any engagements or take referral fees for our services. We are simply facilitating the means of communication between our Experts and those seeking their services. The iPhone Application is a natural progression for us."

Launched on March 9, 2010, the iPhone App has received 26 five Star ratings from Users around the world. "I'm not surprised by the positive reaction we've received in such a short time. Times have changed and our Users are savvy. They understand that with information readily available on their PDA and the web, there is no longer any need to pay a third party a fee to find the right Expert or Consultant for the job," said Zumout.

FEATURES: The first version of the iPhone App lets the user:

  • BROWSE by Category of Expertise the qualifications and contact information of the Experts listed in each Category. There are over 1,265 Categories of Expertise, ranging from Accident Investigation & Reconstruction to Zoology.

  • FIND the right Expert by searching Keywords, Name, Company, Address, State, or Country. The Search Function is dynamic and robust. You can use one Search Field or a combination of Search Fields. Using Search Filters, you can broaden or narrow the search using: All Words - Any Word - Exactly.

  • MANAGE Referrals Requests For Experts using the SynapsUs Management System. You can (1) track each Request For Experts separately, (2) review the Experts matched to that Request, (3) view the contact information for the User initiating the Request For Expert, (4) communicate back and forth with one or multiple Experts, and (5) log each communication.

  • PERSONAL search assistance. Let do all the work. Fill out the Request For Experts Form or Request For Information, or simply email us or call us, and our staff will Complete the search for you.

  • APPLY for Membership. If you are not already a Registered Member, you can begin the process by submitting a Membership Application.

  • REGISTER as a User. The User Account will be established once the User Application is submitted.

  • ACCESS other features such as's Twitter page, Features page, Resources page, Recent Requests For Experts, Help section, etc.

PRICING & AVAILABILITY iPhone App is now available for FREE on the iPhone App Store.


Since 1994, has offered Experts and Consultants worldwide a secure and economical way to promote their services and knowledge to legal professionals, the media and other prospective business clients worldwide. Law firms, journalists, insurance companies, businesses, media producers, and researchers use to find and retain the most knowledgeable Expert Witnesses and Consultants for litigation, business consultations, new business development, research projects, breaking news and other projects. Our Experts include authors, consultants, engineers, physicians, nurses, professors, scientists, specialists, and many more professionals in over 1,265 categories of expertise. - Efficient, Effective and Economical!

For more information, Email Us at or call 1-866-2-EXPERTS.

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