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Automotive Commercial Vehicle Expert Witness Robert Crandall

Robert Crandall
34 Fuller Avenue
West Babylon NY 11704
phone: 631-321-4153
Robert Crandall is an Automotive, Commercial, and Heavy Vehicle specialist with over 35 years of industry experience. Mr. Crandall's background includes the Operation of a Large Municipal Fleet of 6,500 vehicles and 70 locations. He has experience in fleet maintenance operations, governmental procurement, specification development, R&D, failure analysis, and an extensive background in technical training.

Mr. Crandall has legal expertise encompassing all aspects of compliance with Federal, state and local codes, requirements, laws and recommendations of oversight organization. He has participated in multiple cases involving commercial vehicle accidents, component failures, and non-compliance with regulations.

Mr. Crandall represents plaintiff, defense, and insurance companies. His services include vehicle and component dismantling, teardown, and disassembly for forensic inspection and failure analysis. He also provides case review and research, Written reports, assistance in case preparation, and testimony at depositions, arbitration, and court when necessary.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation
  • Management of Accident Repairs
  • Estimation of Repair, Towing, Accident Costs
  • HAZ-MAT Clean Up Invoice Reviews
  • Component, Product Failure Investigation
  • Driver compliance / DOT Regulations
  • Vehicle Safety Regulations
  • Vehicle Maintenance Practices and Standards
  • Attachment, Accessory Repair / Maintenance
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