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Financial Economics Expert Jonathan Shefftz

Jonathan S. Shefftz
14 Moody Field Road
Amherst MA 01002
phone: 413-256-1101
fax: 866-252-7130
Jonathan S. Shefftz is an independent consultant specializing in the application of financial economics to litigation disputes, regulatory enforcement, and public policy decisions. He has provided expert witness testimony on numerous lawsuits filed in state court, federal district court, and federal agency administrative hearings, in matters involving:
  • Economic Damages
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Financial Capability Assessment
  • Municipal Financial Condition
  • Enforcement of Environmental Regulations
His articles have been published in the Litigation Economics Review, Natural Resources and Environment, and Environment Reporter. He has presented at conferences of the Eastern Economics Association and Western Economics Association International.
7/29/2011 · Economics
Compliance with environmental regulations often entails significant capital investment in pollution control equipment, which in turn leads to ongoing operation and maintenance expenses.

10/21/2008 · Taxation
Present value cash flow calculations for economic damages should be performed on an after-tax basis, regardless of whether the damages award will be subject to taxation

6/28/2007 · Economics
The Vermont Supreme Court’s decision in Agency of Natural Resources v. Deso11 does not, so to speak, throw the baby out with the bathwater, but rather sets forward what can be seen as constituting part of a helpful framework for distinguishing between the two. Nor does the decision contain any self-contradictory implications