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Environmental Due Diligence Consultant Robin Franks

Robin D. Franks, PG, CHMM, RSO
8048 Northcourt Road
Houston TX 77040
phone: 800-992-8048
fax: 713-744-5888
Robin D. Franks, PG, CHMM, RSO has over 25 years of relevant industry experience as a professional Geoscientist / Geologist and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. Ms. Franks has been the President, Founding Principal, and Managing Director of TGE Resources, Inc., for over 19 years. Her specialties include Real Property Assessment and Characterization, Clean-up, and Closure in the commercial, industrial, oil and gas, and healthcare industries.

Consulting Services Include:
  • Real Property Assessment
  • Industrial Compliance Auditing
  • Oil and Gas Real Estate Clean-up
  • Well Blow-out / Underground Storage Tank Project Management
  • Redevelopment, Clean Closure Services
  • Asbestos - Sick Building Management
  • Lead-based Paint Management
  • Industrial Hygiene / Indoor Environmental Quality - Mold / Fungus Assessment, Testing, and Remediation
Ms. Franks has been actively involved in more than 35 "merger/acquisition" projects encompassing over 750 sites nationwide. As senior Technical Advisor, she has been involved in thousands of real property investigations, many of which have involved remediation/closure projects within Texas and throughout the United States.

Ms. Franks is a professional lecturer who delivers presentations and instruction throughout the United States.

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