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Forensic Geology Sinkhole Consultant David Wilshaw

David Wilshaw, MS, PG
P.O. Box 783547
Winter Garden FL 34778
phone: 407-342-7737
David Wilshaw, MS, PG has over 33 years of international experience in Engineering Geology, Geotechnics, Hydrogeology and Geoenvironmental assessments. He is licensed as a Professional Geologist in Florida, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Mr. Wilshaw is also a Chartered Geologist and Fellow of the Geological Society of London in the United Kingdom. He has been Adjunct Professor of Earth Science since 2015.

Over a long career, Mr. Wilshaw has provided geological, geotechnical & geoenvironmental expertise for residential, commercial & retail development, public buildings and infrastructure, open pit and underground mining reclamation, power plants, roads, railroads and ports. He has extensive experience in pre-construction geohazard and contaminated land assessment.

He has been the statutory Professional Geologist pursuant to s.627.707 Florida Statutes for more than 850 sinkhole insurance claims and he is a certified Neutral Evaluator (under s.627.7074 Florida Statutes). Mr. Wilshaw has extensive peer review & litigation experience, having provided expert witness testimony at over 120 depositions and over 30 trials.

Mr. Wilshaw is also part owner of SAFE Engineering, a full scale geotechnical, drilling and geophysical consultant based in Florida. SAFE Engineering owns and operates SPT drilling rigs, GPR equipment and a soil testing laboratory.

Consulting Services Include:
  • Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Subsurface Exploration techniques
  • Neutral Evaluation of Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims
  • Development of Ground Stabilization and Improvement Schemes
  • Landslip and Landslide Analysis
  • Karst Geology Risk Assessments
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