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Environmental Law Specialty Expert Witnesses

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David Gossman
Chief Investigating Officer
103 South Main Street
Maquoketa IA 52060
phone: 563-652-2822
fax: 563-652-2824

Technical assistance to counsel in litigation involving  Fires and Explosions, Chemical and Environmental Forensics, Hazardous Waste and Materials, Regulatory Compliance, Dioxins,  and injury or chemical exposure claims including those due to hazardous materials or operations. We provide the technical expertise and develop the evidentiary basis for legal arguments relying on or involving:

  • Industrial and environmental chemical forensic analysis
  • Causation proved by fate and transport of chemicals and their degradation products in the environment
  • Appropriate standard of care for and regulations of hazardous waste and hazardous materials
  • Safety and prevention of catastrophic events such as fires and explosions
  • Prevention of injury or chemical exposure resulting from hazardous materials or hazardous materials operations
  • Prevention of chemical spills and/or proper management of historical environmental contamination

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