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Forensic Addiction Expert Shannon Miller

Dr. Shannon C. Miller, DFASAM, DFAPA, CTTS
9891 Montgomery Rd.,#245
Cincinnati OH 45242
phone: 937-245-0711
Shannon C. Miller, MD, DFASAM, DFAPA, CTTS - Free initial consultation

Forensic services on issues relating to alcohol or drug use, addiction, related behaviors (gambling, sexual addiction, etc), drug testing, psychiatry, as well as the intertwining legal issues (cognitive effects, wrongful death, child custody, malpractice, etc)
  • Retained as Expert Witness-USA & Europe
  • Both sides of the bar, civil & criminal, deposition & testimony exp.
  • Active clinical practice, broadly experienced
  • Board Certifications: Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry
  • Certified, Buprenorphine & Tobacco
  • Distinguished Fellow, American Soc. of Addiction Medicine & American Psychiatric Assoc.
  • Editor-in-Chief for major national Addiction Medicine textbook
  • America‚Äôs Top Psychiatrists
  • Published original research
  • Interviews: Dateline NBC, Pravda, US News & World Report, etc.
  • Credentials, Competence, Credibility, Communication Skills
  • 7/8/2006 · Psychology
    As gambling-related disorders proliferate in the United States, more people could benefit from effective treatments. Unfortunately, shame often keeps persons with gambling problems from seeking help