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Real Estate Expert Gonzalo Viquez

Lic. Gonzalo Viquez, Jr.
Attorney and Notary Public
San Jose Costa Rica, 200 Mts. North From Parque De
La Amisted (Rhomoser)
phone: 506-2296-4432
fax: 506-2231-6505
Our firm specializes in Real Estate Law. We represent and help individuals and investors throughout the legal closing procedures, from due diligence stage until closing as per the constitution of Costa Rican Corporations to own property. We are also authorized representative for Stewart Title providing title insurance and escrow services in Costa Rica.

Please feel free to address any legal questions you may have regarding purchasing property in Costa Rica.
6/8/2006 · Real Estate
Why should you invest in Costa Rica by purchasing a piece of property or develop your own real state project? The answer to this question my vary in accordance to each specific case, nevertheless many if not all aspects that motivates your decision are basic; Costa Rica is a small country full of wonders around each corner