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6/10/2011· Telecommunication

Traffic Smoothing Effects Of Bit Dropping In A Packet Voice Multiplexer

By: David Lucantoni

Recent studies have shown that the superposition of packet sequences generated by packetized voice sources with speech detection exhibit high burstiness due to inherent correlations between successive interarrival times in the superposition stream.

4/26/2011· Telecommunication

The BMAP/G/l QUEUE: A Tutorial

By: David Lucantoni

We present an overview of recent results related to the single server queue with general independent and identically distributed service times and a batch Markovian arrival process (BMAP).

3/10/2011· Telecommunication

Multi-Dimensional Transform Inversion With Applications To The Transient M/G/1 Queue

By: David Lucantoni

We develop an algorithm for numerically inverting multi-dimensional transforms.

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