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Deposition Designation Station

1 Being a neutral observer

I review all the depositions and documents taking reference to techniques, procedures, and timelines from the perspective of the neutral observer at the time of the event. I overview the incident replicating the situation. I mentally run through the event from start to finish including the pre-and-post events. I examine the timeline of the event paying special attention to all the testimony from those who were there at the time of the incident. By doing this I gather the information that will be helpful in forming my opinion.

2 Asking - How did this happen? What could or should have been done differently?

I revisit the incident again through the perspective of each party participating. I question the facts from each perspective. I ask the question from each perspective, "What actually happened here?" If this incident was to be reproducible, "What would have to occur?" As I am reproducing the incident there is a comparison to the given testimony. I look for the unanswered questions: who, what and where and most importantly in what order. Using this approach I find that I can spot the reasons why the incident occurred, identify the procedural steps that were missed and find more points for further research and investigation.

3 Asking - How do I summarize and communicate this incident in a way that is clear and understandable to the legal professional?

I revisit all the data and notes one more time from the perspective of the neutral observer. I ask, "Have all the questions been answered in such a way that explain the result?" As my summary and report are drafted I work with a paralegal and legal team to insure proper legal format is in place (Rule 26). This process and analytical approach dramatically improves the presentation of the case in a written report or oral testimony.

Susan Maccoy is an actively practicing Cosmetologist and experienced Expert Witness on Beauty Salon and Spa and its Products, Processes, Procedures, Policies and Standards. With over 45 years of experience, Ms. Maccoy combines an extensive background and foundation of knowledge in cosmetology and salon business and operations with critical and analytical thinking to provide solid, informed support for litigation. She is a salon owner and has been a manager of independent and franchise chain salons. She holds current cosmetology licenses in Illinois and Florida.

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