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October 2005

What Do You Think When You Hear The Word "Timeshare"?

By: Timeshare Insights
Lisa Ann Schreier, Director
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If someone offered you a choice between owning and renting, the majority of you would choose own, isn't that correct? Now, if someone offered you a choice between your vacation dollars becoming an asset or a liability, most of you would choose the asset, am I right? And if someone offered you more luxury, more convenience, more space, more amenities in your vacation accommodations for just a few more dollars per night in the short term, with lower costs per night in the long term, is there any reason to choose lower quality? Finally, if you could have an entire week at a 5-star resort for an average cost of only $57 per night, is there anyone here who wouldn't jump at that chance? And yet---how many people reading this own timeshare? Very few I imagine.

And why is that? Because of 3 things�."Timeshare Marketing", worse than that the "Timeshare Presentation" and of course, the dreaded "Timeshare Salesperson". So, that's what we're going to cut through today---the confusion, the high pressure, the bribery and just let you know:

What Exactly Is Timeshare Anyway?

In the simplest of terms, timeshare is the difference between renting your vacation accommodations (hotel, motel, campground, villa, etc.) and owning your vacation accommodations.

Who Benefits From Timeshare And Who Doesn�t?

If you enjoy vacation, you place long term value over short term cost, you plan on vacationing in the future, you don�t believe in absolutes of any kind, you vacation for at least 7 days per year and you are currently spending more than $70.00 per night for a hotel---then you would benefit from a timeshare.

If you don�t like to vacation, you spend less than $70.00 per night for a hotel, you vacation less than 7 nights per year and you believe that timeshare will be free and/or perfect---the you would not benefit from a timeshare.

Why Does The Confusion Exist?

Because the only way people ever hear about timeshare is generally at a timeshare presentation. (See Below)

If It�s So Good Why Does The Industry Bribe People To Look At It?

Because the industry is stuck in the early 1970�s when no one knew about timeshares, and in order to get people in the door, the industry came up with bribery in terms of discounted vacations, free color televisions, discounted attraction tickets, etc. Savvy consumers and a new breed of timeshare developers and salespersons are S L O W L Y changing the industry.

Where Do I Get The Basics?

Read �Surviving A Timeshare Presentation�Confessions From The Sales Table� and arm yourself with the information that you need. Short, to the point, and told from the unique perspective of the timeshare salesperson, it clears up all of the confusion. The goal of this book is NOT to sell you a timeshare, the goal of this book is to have you avoid timeshare presentations in the future and get back to enjoying your vacations.

What Should I Do If Timeshare Is Not Right For Me?

Simple. Don�t be bribed by any more timeshare presentations, no matter how attractive they are.

What Should I Do If A Timeshare Would Be Beneficial To Me?

Contact me at and find out how we can find the �best� timeshare for your individual needs without attending any more annoying timeshare presentations and wasting your time and energy.

Lisa Ann Schreier a/k/a "The Timeshare Crusader" is the founder of Timeshare Insights ( and is on a mission to inform consumers about the truths and fictions about timeshare. She is theaauthor of the best-sellers �Surviving A Timeshare Presentation�Confessions From The Sales Table� and "Timeshare Vacations For Dummies".

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