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Critical Care Nurse Consultant Donna Jones

Donna S. Jones, RN
1864 Gordon Manor NE
Atlanta GA 30307
phone: 404-290-2733
Donna Jones, RN, has over 40 years of Nursing experience in Critical Care, Respiratory ICU, Cardiac Care, Medical-Surgical Nursing, , and remains clinically active in Critical Care as an ICU Registered Nurse at Hospital Corporation of America - Eastside Medical Center.

In addition to her Degree in Nursing, Ms. Jones also holds a degree in Communications and was editor of Hospital Peer Review, a monthly newsletter, dedicated to providing information regarding peer review, risk management and quality in healthcare settings. .

Ms. Jones offers consulting services to professional teams looking to utilize her training and extensive experience in reviewing and analyzing medical charts, determining the merit of a case, completeness of records, writing reports, developing time lines, giving depositions and testifying at trials regarding standard of care provided by nurses.

Ms. Jones has been a guest speaker at “Alive Expo,” at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, focusing on “Maintaining your Health Care,” and has been a Guest Lecturer for the National Business Institute Seminar on “Anatomy & Physiology for Attorneys." Ms. Jones has also been interviewed on the Web Radio Program, "For Nurses by Nurses," regarding nursing care in the 21st Century. Ms. Jones also shares her knowledge with paralegals at the Institute for Paralegal Education (IPE) with regard to obtaining and reviewing medical records.

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