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Susan Maccoy, CFLC
Cosmetology & Beauty Salon Expert Witness
at Elizabeth Adam Salon and Day Spa
845 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 908E
Chicago IL 60611
phone: 312-771-8086
fax: 312-635-5116
Susan Maccoy is an actively practicing Cosmetologist and experienced Expert Witness on Beauty Salon and Spa Products, Processes, Procedures, Policies and Standards. With over 45 years of experience, Ms. Maccoy combines an extensive background and foundation of knowledge in cosmetology and salon business and operations with critical and analytical thinking to provide solid, informed support for litigation. She is a salon owner and has been a manager of independent and franchise chain salons. She holds current cosmetology licenses in Illinois and Florida.

Ms. Maccoy has assisted the legal profession on issues related to the cosmetology, beauty salon and spa industries for over 35 years. Her expertise and professional experience encompass the full range of cosmetology products, services, techniques and salon management. Ms. Maccoy also provides valuable insight for cases involving consumer and employee personal injury, product liability, professional liability including salon/spa customer injury and allegations of discrimination in the salon and spa.

To date,(2015) Ms. Maccoy has been retained by the defendant in approximately 30% of her engagements and by the plaintiff in 70%. In 2011, her investigative work and expert opinions were instrumental in obtaining dismissals with prejudice in two actions, one in state court and one federal.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Salon Policies and Procedures
  • Cosmetology Standards of Care, Processes, Procedures, Timelines, Workflow Protocols
  • Salon / Spa Incidents and Injuries
  • Salon / Spa Incident Investigation and Re-Creation - Chemical Formulations and Usage
  • Salon Contractual Agreements - Employment, Rental, Salon Rental / Sale, Independent Contractor / Booth Rental
In her book, Down the Shampoo Bowl - The ABC's of Hair Salon Management, Ms. Maccoy explains the management and financial side of the beauty business and how to motivate employees, handle difficult clients, and promote business and services through traditional channels and social media.

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The exponential growth of tattoos/body modification has broken virtually all cultural barriers. Formerly the mark of sailors, prison inmates and gang members, now fashion designers, photographers, perfumers and cosmetic companies have seized and leveraged this form of expression. Hollywood actors and celebrities function as high-profile ambassadors of the tattooed lifestyle...further shifting tattoos into accepted social mainstream. Today, tattoos more body real estate than any other time in history.

I review all the depositions and documents taking reference to techniques, procedures, and timelines from the perspective of the neutral observer at the time of the event.

Strand/preview testing of hair allows the professional stylist to observe and accurately determine:

Susan Maccoy
Take charge of your hair career and step up to being an entrepreneur. This A-to-Z guide answers your questions and leads you to successful hair salon management. It is written in a quick, fun and easy to read format to help you deal with everyday salon problems and prevent them before they happen. You’ll learn how to energize yourself, motivate employees, handle difficult clients, promote your business and services through traditional channels and social media, and understand the financial side of the business.
"Down the Shampoo Bowl: The ABC's of Hair Salon Management" is the new book by Susan Maccoy. A member of, Ms. Maccoy serves as an Expert Witness & Consultant in matters relating to cosmetology, product liability, and standard of care in the beauty salon and spa industry.