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The exponential growth of tattoos/body modification has broken virtually all cultural barriers.

Formerly the mark of sailors, prison inmates and gang members, now fashion designers, photographers, perfumers and cosmetic companies have seized and leveraged this form of expression. Hollywood actors and celebrities function as high-profile ambassadors of the tattooed lifestyle...further shifting tattoos into accepted social mainstream. Today, tattoos more body real estate than any other time in history.

Let's face it-for a growing number of folks, it's become cool to tattoo.

This embrace of body art poses physical dangers that are not being a adequately addressed. The combination of hair dyes and body inks pose clear public health risk, and even more dangerous to cosmetology and body art practitioners because of the frequency of contact with contaminants. Of concomitant concern is also the legal exposure not adhering to recommended professional protocols.

This paper examines the dangers, specifically within the protocols - or lack thereof - to cosmetology and body art practitioners. It defines proper protocols and warnings, and closes with recommendations that should be heeded by both (1) respective industries as well as (2) the consumer who engages both hair and beauty color treatments and body art.

Safety Alert-The Dangerous Combination of Hair Dyes and Tattoos

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Susan Maccoy is an actively practicing Cosmetologist and experienced Expert Witness on Beauty Salon and Spa and its Products, Processes, Procedures, Policies and Standards. With over 45 years of experience, Ms. Maccoy combines an extensive background and foundation of knowledge in cosmetology and salon business and operations with critical and analytical thinking to provide solid, informed support for litigation. She is a salon owner and has been a manager of independent and franchise chain salons. She holds current cosmetology licenses in Illinois and Florida.

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