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Automotive Transportation Electronics Consultant Myles Kitchen

Myles H. Kicthen
Automotive Electronics Engineer
Aptos CA 95003-5505
phone: 831-539-8707
Myles-Kitchen-Automotive-Electronics-Expert-Photo.jpg is an Automotive and Transportation Electronics consultancy established to connect clients with resources and information on OEM and Aftermarket applications of electronics within vehicles of all types. Founded in 1986, Myles H. Kitchen provides a wide range of consulting services to all sizes of organizations, from technology start-ups, to Fortune 100 firms all around the globe. His client list includes auto manufacturers, automotive suppliers, investors, government agencies, other consulting firms, technology start-ups, attorneys, and insurance companies. 

Consulting Services include:

  • Market Research - On companies, systems, products, components, markets, and market trends in the transportation electronics sectors.
  • Product Development - Provide turn-key contract engineering services for transportation-related electronic products. This includes designs (both analog and digital), software / firmware development, and prototype fabrication and testing.  Mr. Kitchen also provides design analysis and critique of exissting designs relative to auto industry standards, recommended design practices, and the harsh requirements of the automotive environment.
  • Forensic Investigations and Expert Services - For patent and IP matters, including prior art review, infringement / non-infringement, validity / invalidity, and support for INTER PARTES review. Mr. Kitchen has also provided technical due diligence services for merger / acquisition situations, and patent portfolio reviews. Mr. Kitchen works for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

Myles H. Kitchen is an Automotive Electronics Engineer with over 45 years of hands-on design, development, testing, manufacturing, and technical marketing of Automotive Electronics Components & Systems for both OEM and Aftermarket. Background Experience - A licensed Racing Driver and 3 time series champion, Mr. Kitchen is "hands-on", and has worked on nearly every electronic system used in vehicles. He also has experience with Consumer Electronics Products, Medical Devices, and Voice Recognition / Natural Language Dialogue software platforms. He is a Lifetime SAE Member, on 4 current Committees for Cybersecurity and Diagnostics, and formerly served on SAE J2657 Tire Pressure Monitoring Committee. Mr. Kitchen is a former Design Engineer for Motorola's Automotive Division (ignitions, engine controls), former Director of Automotive for National Semiconductor (semiconductors for all types auto electronics), former Director Automotive for Intel Corp (micro controllers and memories for automotive), and former VP Product Development / VP Marketing / Sales for Zemco Group (OEM and Aftermarket automotive electronics products - cruise controls, trip computers, security, remote keyless entry, clocks, modules and more). He also was part owner of Quantic Industries, an OEM vendor of airbag squibs and energetic devices.  

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