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Psychology Consultant Bonny Forrest

Psychology / Neuropsychology Consultant
555 Front Street Unit 1403
San Diego CA 92101
phone: 917-687-0271
Bonny Forrest, JD, PhD was a practicing attorney for more than a decade, working in major law firms and financial institutions in California and New York City. Towards the end of her legal career, she returned to earn her PhD in Psychology with a specialty in Neuropsychology at Columbia University.

Dr. Forrest is a clinician with a substantial background in applied research in several settings, including Columbia, Yale and the National Institutes of Health. She was one of the first mental health experts to be certified at the highest level in the state of California as a “mentor” in working with children under the age of six. Dr. Forrest has over 25 years of experience in her field of expertise.

Services Include:
  • Therapy - Work with children, parents, couples and families with an emphasis on early childhood
  • Assessment - Specialty training as a neuropsychologist and often works with people in a variety of settings seeking more information on brain and behavior relationships. Specific services include full neuropsychological test batteries, attachment evaluations, and learning disability and psychological testing
  • Consultation - Individuals and organizations often consult with Dr. Forrest on policy issues, second opinions and broader organizational change
  • Advocacy - An attorney and psychologist, Dr. Forrest has often acted as an expert both in court and for the media on a wide-variety of issues
  • Speaking and Writing - Dr. Forrest has published a number of articles on childhood mental health. Her recent book, Will My Kid Grow Out of It?, is a guide for parents and teachers through the children’s mental health system. Dr. Forrest is a frequent lively, informative, and entertaining guest speaker for TV shows and radio programs where she uses scientific facts to help explain behavior and psychological issues in a layperson’s language
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Bonny J. Forrest, JD, PhD
Helping parents determine whether their child's behavior is typical for the age or, possibly, a sign of something more serious they should look into, this book uses lay terms and concrete examples to aid adults in establishing if their child may have a commonly diagnosed issue such as ADHD, depression, a learning disability, and others; where to go to get help; how to get support from schools and the medical community; and what questions to ask along the way. Each chapter expands on a specific set of behaviors that may be problematic by listing types of problems, possible diagnoses, the types of treatments that have been found to be effective, discussions of the pros and cons of alternative treatments, and typical medications.