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Safety Engineering Consultant Nigel Ellis

Dr. J. Nigel Ellis
Ph.D., Principal, CSP, P.E., CPE
306 Country Club Drive
Wilmington DE 19803
phone: 800-372-7775
fax: 302-571-0756
Dr. J. Nigel Ellis of Ellis Fall Safety Solutions has over 35 years of Fall Safety Engineering experience. He offers safety, process improvement and engineering expertise focusing on strengthening fall protection programs and methods for industry and construction with practical yet sophisticated solutions. Dr. Ellis is the leading authority on reducing the likelihood of foreseeable catastrophic fall injuries and finding more efficient work methods free of fall hazards.

Dr. Ellis has been instrumental in the development of various OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Dr. Ellis has written the seminal textbook, Introduction to Fall Protection currently in its third edition and published by the American Society of Safety Engineers and available for purchase on the ELS web site Dr. Ellis is a founder and board member of the International Society for Fall Protection and is a frequent speaker at the national conventions of the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Safety Council.

EFSS Consultation Services Include:
  • Analyze Recognized Fall Hazards Arising from Work Methods
  • Provide a Hierarchy of Practical Solutions
  • Develop Specific Fall Protection Programs
  • Determine Anchorage Engineering Requirements
  • Validate Current Anchorage Points
  • Create Structural Engineering Drawings of Anchorage Locations
  • Recommend Compatible Fall Arrest Systems which Meet OSHA Requirements
  • Supervise the Installation of Fall Protection Systems
  • Train You and Your Supervision as Competent Persons
  • Train your Engineers as Qualified Persons
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The general industry, construction and maritime standards each have their own requirement for fall protection. A written fall protection plan, a method for updating the written plan and a property means of assessment should all be included in your company's fall protection plan. The following checklist provides guidelines for proper assessment of your fall protection plan.

J. Nigel Ellis, PhD
This best selling books on fall protection takes a systems approach to identifying slip, trip and fall hazards and describes the essential elements of a fall protection program.