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From One Of Our Customers:

"Great. I will be using your service and will pass the word around our office."

Stephanie Dermont
Paralegal - Torts
Office of the Attorney General
September, 2001

From One Of Our Customers:

"…As a member of the media, I plan on utilzing myself in the future."

Bob Allen
The Jeffersonian Newspaper
August 27, 2001

From One Of Our Customers:

"An excellent site...easy to navigate...authoritative information...attractive to of the best of its kind."

Alfred E. Piombino

National Notary Expert
July 2, 2001

From One Of Our Members:

In response to Membership renewal notice, our long-time Member wrote:

"Check is in the mail. I've gotten a lot of business with you and appreciate your service."

Thomas A. Rosazza

Rosazza Associates, Inc.
A Criminal Justice Consulting Firm
June 6, 2001

From One Of Our Members:

"I am very careful and selective about how and where I market myself and my business. Over the years I have successfully used my books, my website, television, radio, and media interviews and appearances to market my expertise. About two years ago, I decided to include in my marketing plan. By joining, I know that my expertise are marketed to professionals, businesses, and other potential clients who use It is a good investment for me."
Angi Ma Wong

The Feng Shui Lady
May 4, 2001

From One Of Our Customers:

"Hallo Experts!
I searched for an expert in your database and it was very usefull for us….With best greetings from Austria!"

Dr. Harald Bengs
March 7, 2001

From One Of Our Members:

" is one of the most comprehensive listings available. The service provides an efficient and effective way for busy professionals to quickly find experts in a variety of fields."
Scott Fargason

February 27, 2001

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October 24, 2000

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PC Magazine
April 18, 2000
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January 27, 2000

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