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"An excellent site...easy to navigate...authoritative information...attractive to of the best of its kind."

Alfred E. Piombino

National Notary Expert
July 2, 2001

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"Check is in the mail. I've gotten a lot of business with you and appreciate your service."

Thomas A. Rosazza

Rosazza Associates, Inc.
A Criminal Justice Consulting Firm
June 6, 2001

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"I am very careful and selective about how and where I market myself and my business. Over the years I have successfully used my books, my website, television, radio, and media interviews and appearances to market my expertise. About two years ago, I decided to include in my marketing plan. By joining, I know that my expertise are marketed to professionals, businesses, and other potential clients who use It is a good investment for me."
Angi Ma Wong

The Feng Shui Lady
May 4, 2001

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"Hallo Experts!
I searched for an expert in your database and it was very usefull for us….With best greetings from Austria!"

Dr. Harald Bengs
March 7, 2001

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" is one of the most comprehensive listings available. The service provides an efficient and effective way for busy professionals to quickly find experts in a variety of fields."
Scott Fargason

February 27, 2001

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" simplifies the search for the best and most useful information about people on the Web. The editorial team has scoured the Web for the very best sites, and found a top-notch tool."
October 24, 2000

"Lawyers may turn first to, a registry of professionals who offer themselves as expert witnesses or consultants."

PC Magazine
April 18, 2000
"Your Web site was selected as a Hot Site in today's edition of, a free and highly popular news service on the World Wide Web. Just as we do with top-rated movies and TV programs, we look daily for Web sites that are likely to be sure hits with readers -- sites that seek to astound and delight, inform or amuse -- by exhibiting something remarkable in graphics, content or both."
January 27, 2000

"...Due to the article I authored on (workplace violence) that you selected as the Feb. bulletin, I received a call from MS NBC to appear "LIVE" to talk about workplace violence concerning the homicide/suicide in Newington, Conn at Lottery Headquarters. I want to thank you for selecting my article. They told me that they found my name through and I believe that it must have been the article that caught their eye."

Dana Picore, Ph.D.
March 9, 1998
"I will encourage our staff to use the directory daily."

Lary Cooper
Producer for the CBS Radio Network

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