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Medical Demonstrative Evidence Consultant Marc Glickstein

Marc F. Glickstein, MD, FACR
6110 N. Ocean Blvd
Ocean Ridge FL 33435
phone: 860-604-6955
Medivence is a company providing Medical Demonstrative Evidence for the legal profession. Medivence produces visually memorable multimedia presentations which provide a compelling platform for attorneys and their experts to succinctly present their case.

Medivence Principal, Marc Glickstein, MD, FACR, has over 27 years of active clinical involvement in Neuroradiology, as well as General Radiology including MRI, Mammography, CT, and Ultrasound. He is a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, and completed his diagnostic radiology training at the University of Pennsylvania. A background in photography, as well as having authored multiple scholarly journal articles, has also contributed to Dr. Glickstein's abilities and interest in this area.

Medivence Services and Benefits:
  • Web-based conferencing allows direct personal consultation of cases and work product without having to leave the office
  • Presentations are created by a board certified physician who provides additional expert opinion/input included as part of the case
  • Compelling presentations, designed to educate both the jury as well as opposing counsel, may lead to favorable verdicts and faster, more favorable settlements
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12/4/2013 · Radiology
Radiology is a critical component of most medical care. As a consequence of this, legal cases in which individuals are claiming injuries will frequently have imaging studies as a central aspect of the record. Demonstrative evidence can be used as an important instrument in helping to lay the proper foundation for creating a compelling and memorable argument in the presentation of a legal case