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Packaging Consultant Sher Paul Singh

Dr. Sher Paul Singh
Ph.D., CPP
1151 Michigan Avenue #120
East Lansing MI 48823
phone: 517-285-3962
fax: 517-203-0094
Dr. Sher Paul Singh, Ph.D., CPP specializes in the areas of Packaging, Machinery, Transportation, Logistics and Material Handling. He currently provides Consultation Services on a contract basis to over one hundred domestic and international companies. Dr. Singh has served as a technical expert to various Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and international organizations like the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, USPS, United Nations, World Bank, European Union and ISO addressing problems related to Packaging and Transportation. He was selected by NASA to review the BioPlex project (Manned Mission to Mars) for packaging issues in the advanced life support systems.

Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University School of Packaging for 26 years, Dr. Singh's faculty and corporate experience includes research and teaching in the areas of Packaging, Transportation and Logistics, Innovative Packaging Materials and Processes, Machinery, Robotics and Sustainability. He is past Chair of Division 1, D-10 Packaging Committee at American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). He serves on the Board of International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI) International Safe Transit Association (1STA), and National Institute of Packaging and Handling Engineers (NIPHLE).

Consultation Services Include:
  • Developing Packaging Line Systems
  • Package Design for Product Protection
  • Evaluate Package Specifications
  • Automation for Packaging
  • Packaging Forensics
  • Packaging Education
Awards / Honors: Logistics Achievement Award, NIPHLE Award of Merit, ASTM Military Packaging Hall of Fame, Defense Packaging Policy Group

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