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12/19/2023· Domestic Violence

Unveiling The Vital Role of Psychologist Expert Witnesses In Battered Women Cases

By: Charles H. Heller, PhD

Navigating the complexities of legal cases involving battered women demands a comprehensive understanding of the psychological impact on victims. In courtroom battles, psychologists and expert witnesses play a pivotal role in shedding light on the intricate nuances of these cases. In this blog post, we delve into the crucial contributions of psychologists to advocating for justice...


12/8/2023· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

State Recovers From Delayed Implementation And Selects New System To Meet Its Needs

By: Panorama Consulting Group

The client was in the process of implementing a new HRMS system and was about a year into implementation when they encountered serious issues with the software during the testing phase. They were concerned that some key business requirements were missed at the beginning of the project and left out of the system’s design and configuration.


12/4/2023· Psychiatry

An Empirical Data Comparison Of Regulatory Agency And Malpractice Legal Problems For Psychiatrists

By: Dr. James Reich

Medical board discipline findings indicate that psychiatrists are at increased risk of disciplinary action compared with other specialties. NPDB data indicated relatively infrequent problems for psychiatrists. In malpractice, psychiatry accounted for a small percentage of overall claims and settlements. Overall, more years in practice and a lack of board certification increased the risk of legal difficulties.


12/4/2023· Construction

Schedule Optimization During Front-End Planning

By: Long International

This paper summarizes the development and review steps of project plans and schedules during the front-end planning phases, including the critical phase of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED). The project milestones, resources, and completion dates established during FEED set the baseline control plan during project execution.


12/4/2023· Pollution - Air Quality Control

E-Calc (Emissions Calculation) Technical Description

By: Timothy Minnich, MS, QEP

Minnich and Scotto, Inc. ( is the architect of e-Calc© – an emissions-calculation software package developed initially for use with open-path Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in order to generate air pollutant emission rates from a wide range of ground-level sources.


11/28/2023· Nonprofit Organizations

5 Rules For Revising Nonprofit Bylaws

By: Jess Birken, Esq

For most small nonprofits, the bylaws is a document that’s been sitting in a drawer gathering dust for 10 years. Or they’ve been revised 100 times to rearrange the same exact wording over and over again without making any important, substantial change.


10/26/2023· Medical Malpractice

Administrative Law - Standard Of Care In Opioid Stewardship

By: Joel L. Kent, MD

I was asked by a state medical licensing board to evaluate the practice of a primary care physician in regards to their oversight of opioid analgesics. My findings identified serious aberrant events in the majority of the cases reviewed. Among the aberrancies that raised concern included episodes of DUI events in several of the patients in question...


10/26/2023· Speech-Language Pathology

Dehydration and Thickened Liquids

By: Megan M. Hamilton, MS, CCC-SLP

As with most medical interventions, thickened liquids have both benefits and weaknesses. Recent research demonstrates that patients consuming thickened liquids consume less than patients consuming thin liquids and are frequently dehydrated. There are several reasons postulated for this decrease in liquid intake...


10/26/2023· Medical Malpractice

The Role Of A Plastic Surgery Expert In Medical Malpractice Cases

By: Dr. Thomas Zaydon

When it comes to medicine, patients trust their physician to improve their health and enhance their appearance. Often times, a plastic surgery expert can provide input as to assessing the Standard of Care and identifying possible negligence or errors.


10/25/2023· Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Service and Wheelchair Tipovers

By: Ned Einstein

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that every wheelchair securement position have some type of floor hardware – and even specifies its longitudinal and lateral spacing (49 CFR 38.23(d)(2). It also requires that every position contain three sets of tie-downs – although the clear, irrefutable industry standard is four.

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