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Audio Forensic Expert David Smith

David A. Smith, ACFEI, IEEE, AES
phone: 814-410-4787
Audio Expert David Smith of Sound Testimony® specializes in Audio Forensic Analysis, Improving Recorded Speech Intelligibility, & Recording Authentication. Our proprietary hardware/software system recovers intelligible speech and other sounds from noise-intensive backgrounds & poorly recorded media.

David A. Smith, ACFEI, IEEE, AES, has more than two decades of professional experience with audio enhancement. Experienced in criminal and civil cases including murder, corporate fraud, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, labor, and family law. Mr. Smith consults with counsel offering audio forensic evidence examination, analysis, litigation support, expert advice, expert testimony, and related expert witness services including preparation of cross-examinations and courtroom presentations. Clients include Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Family Law & General Practice Attorneys, other Legal & Investigative Professionals, HR Depts., Corporations, Private Detectives, & Individuals.

Services Offered:
  • Recording Authentication
  • Tampering & Edit Detection
  • Intelligibility Improvement
  • Transcript Review & Correction
  • Litigation Support
  • Voice Recognition and/or Elimination
  • Expert Testimony
Intelligibility Improvement of:
  • 911 calls
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Accidental Recordings
  • Surveillance Recordings
  • Portable Audio Recorders
  • Interviews
  • Depositions
  • Meetings
  • Cell Phone Recordings, etc.
2/15/2016 · Audio Forensics
In Audio Forensics, it often comes down to ears versus microphones. In one corner, we have the human ear with all its amazing capabilities. In the other corner, the fantastic piece of technology known as the microphone, with its ability to record sound to a digital file or tape for later playback.

8/26/2015 · Audio Forensics
A confrontation between an inmate and a Corrections Officer leads to accusations of mistreatment on one side and claims of justifiable action on the other. It was one person's word against another until an unexpected recording came to light and, with the help of sophisticated audio forensic analysis and processing, the truth was revealed.

7/28/2015 · Audio Forensics
Pocket dialing occurs when a mobile phone's touch pad is pressed by something in a person's pocket or purse, or, if the person happens to sit down a certain way, a part of their anatomy. If the pressed key or screen surface area is programmed to dial or redial a telephone number, a call occurs. This call often goes undetected by the phone's owner. Some phones are more prone to this phenomenon than others.

2/27/2013 · Audio Forensics
A party in a divorce case hired me after his attorney told him that his wife's council was planning to introduce audio recordings during an upcoming custody hearing.

1/14/2013 · Audio Forensics
You have an audio recording that may be used as evidence in an upcoming court case. Looking for a way to make it easier to hear, you do an on-line search and come upon a list of "Audio Restoration companies." The ads state that these sites can lower or eliminate noise and restore recordings to their original quality.