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5/6/2020· Banking

Easement Results in Litigation for Significant Ranch Operations and Banking Expert Witness Report

By: Leon Royer

The dispute arose as the result of the plaintiffs attempting to use an easement across the defendants’ land to one of the plaintiffs’ other ranches. The defendants claimed that the plaintiffs’ intended use of the easement was outside the recorded terms of the easement which governed the width of the easement...


5/6/2020· Banking

Observations on a Decade of Providing Banking Expert Witness Services

By: Mark C. Riley

After over 34 years in bank management, including being Director, President and CEO of two banks, providing expert witness services to attorneys representing banks, bank customers, vendors and regulators has illuminated some fundamental certainties in U.S. financial services.


5/5/2020· Medicare - Medicade - Health Insurance

Medicare Coverage of Senior Care Services

By: David Haass

Medicare covers many senior care services. Although, there are exceptions, limitations and costs you need to know about. Understanding the coverage Medicare provides will make receiving care easier. When you know what to expect, you can plan accordingly.


4/29/2020· Emergency Medicine

That's ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) on Electrocardiogram (ECG)...Or Is It?

By: Dr. Sajid Khan

A 70 year-old woman presents to the ER with mid-sternal chest pain, shortness of breath, and diaphoresis. She's clutching her chest with her fist. There is isolated ST elevation in aVR and inferolateral ST depression. That's a STEMI! Or is it?


4/29/2020· Linguistics

On The Devolution Of Political Slogans: Mike Will Get WHAT Done?

By: Dr. Alan Perlman

What kind of a political campaign would it be if we didn’t have slogans? The political slogan is like a brand name, a brief thought that somehow summarizes the campaign and a candidacy.


4/27/2020· Emergency Medicine

Emergency Resuscitation or "Do Not Resuscitate": A Tale of Two Patients

By: Dr. Robert M. Stark

As a cardiologist involved in critical care, I would like to provide a clear explanation and understanding of the processes involved in resuscitation and critical care. Most particularly, what it must be like for the patient, the patient’s family and the caregivers involved. I will draw on examples from two patients I recently treated, both of whom required acute resuscitation


4/22/2020· Damages

Personal Injury Evaluations: The 5 Step Model We Use To Determine Causation And Damages

By: Dr. Emin Gharibian

Personal injury evaluations have become common place in personal injury and worker’s compensation litigation. We get a lot of requests from personal injury attorneys to complete psychological or neuropsychological evaluations for their personal injury cases


4/16/2020· Transportation

Safety and Liability: Motorcoach Survival in the Age of COVID-19 (Part 1)

By: Ned Einstein

I would normally begin a series by exploring the origin of the problems. These would have included four decades of failure in multiple sectors of public transportation. Among its fellow modes, the motorcoach industry created the fewest of these failures. But the motorcoach industry has been limited in its capabilities...


4/7/2020· Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists as Expert Witnesses

By: Paul T. Fogle, PhD, CCC-SLP

There are relatively few speech pathologists who have had any experience in medical-legal work and even fewer who have been involved in more than one or two cases. However, the education, training, and professional experience of speech pathologists makes them uniquely qualified to provide expert testimony in a variety of cases for either the plaintiff or the defense.


4/3/2020· Insurance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Workers Compensation Insurance

By: Edward Priz, CPCU, APA

One question being asked is whether COVID-19 infections could be the basis for Workers Compensation claims by workers who feel they likely contracted the virus through work. At the moment, the best answer appears to be that’s unlikely for many workers, possible for some, and subject to change depending on future actions by state legislatures.

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