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10/25/2023· Fall Protection Solutions / Confined Spaces Safety

Case Study: Expert Witness - Fall Incident

By: Rauch Safety & Engineering

The aftereffects of a fall incident have enormous impact on all parties involved. Setting aside emotion and focusing on the actual events leading up to an incident can be particularly difficult when faced with the competing interests of injured personnel or their families, companies, insurers, and lawyers.


10/25/2023· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Government Agency Finds Sufficient Evidence To File ERP Lawsuit Against Consulting Firm

By: Panorama Consulting Group

Following a failed ERP implementation, this state government agency was analyzing the feasibility of a lawsuit against its software selection and implementation partner. The government agency had contracted with the consulting firm to assist in the replacement of its tax collection systems but was forced to stop work after nearly two years of delays and inadequate staffing.


9/6/2023· Telecommunication

Grace And Peril In Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By: Keith Mallinson

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking hold in many places to provide enormous benefits with improved utility and efficiency in various cellular capabilities. It is significantly affecting how networks are designed and operated. But some applications of AI are much more straightforward and less controversial than others.


9/6/2023· Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Governance: How to Structure A New Nonprofit Organization

By: Jess Birken, Esq

When starting a new nonprofit, most founders are focused on their mission. Who are they going to be? What kind of work will they do? What impact are they going to make? But those aren’t the only things nonprofit founders need to decide. They also need to decide on the structure of the nonprofit and how it will function, too.


8/17/2023· Construction

Renovate Or Build- An Extremely Expensive Question

By: Sanford C. Loy

One would think today’s advanced construction processes, new and more efficient and innovative building materials combined with universal dimensional changes in design standards etc. would mean the cost of new construction would increasingly trend toward being less expensive than the cost of renovating.


8/17/2023· Documentation Examination & Analysis

The Care And Preservation Of Documents

By: Katherine Koppenhaver, CDQE

Documents are fragile and require special handling. Not only must documents be kept in their original condition, but a chain of custody must be maintained to ensure the integrity of the documents. If everyone takes the necessary precautions to ensure the integrity of the documents, evidence will be properly preserved for court proceedings.


8/17/2023· Speech-Language Pathology

Common Manifestation Of Death By Choking

By: Megan M. Hamilton, MS, CCC-SLP

It is not uncommon for documentation or discussion to use the term “choking” to describe instances in which food or liquid went “down the wrong pipe” or a significant cough occurred. Those instances are not, in fact, choking in the sense of foreign body airway obstruction that leads to death by asphyxiation.


8/14/2023· Pollution - Air Quality Control

Air Contaminant Exposure From Sediment Treatment And Containment Facility

By: Timothy Minnich, MS, QEP

The remediation includes the offsite treatment and containment of highly contaminated lake bottom sediments at the Wastebed 13 Facility near the town of Camillus. Minnich and Scotto has been retained to evaluate residential exposure to air contaminants arising from Facility operations.


8/14/2023· Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Tribal Government Selects Modern EHR System To Integrate Functions Across Its Health Services

By: Panorama Consulting Group

The Tribe hired Panorama to assist in selecting software to support its Health Service functions. This software would replace the Tribe’s current health systems. In the first phase of the project, we documented business and technical requirements, reviewed legacy systems, mapped processes, and identified pain points across


7/22/2023· Elder Abuse

World Elder Abuse Day: Taking A Stand Against The Silent Epidemic

By: Marguerita Cheng

Elder abuse is a growing concern that directly impacts the financial security and dignity of older adults. On June 15, 2023 people around the globe observed World Elder Abuse Day, a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting our aging population from financial exploitation and other forms of abuse.

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