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General Contracting Consultant John Minor

John Minor
President, CGC
14 Live Oak Drive
Suite A-1
Gulf Breeze FL 32561
phone: 850-932-8720
fax: 850-934-6659
Complete General Contractors, Inc., is a licensed General Contracting Construction Firm working throughout the Southeast for insurance companies, property owners, property managers, attorneys, and municipalities. They specialize in the cost estimation and causation of large loss complex property claims.

Services Include:
  • Appraisal and Mediation Services - Fire, wind, flood, storm, hail, and water losses to residential, commercial, or industrial properties
  • General Contracting Services - Restoration or general construction, commercial construction, or industrial construction projects all over the United States. Manage vendors and trades, handle project documents, and serve as an authority for project information to all parties throughout the construction process
John G. Minor, President of Complete General Contractors, is a third-generation Contractor and licensed instructor certified by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. He is a recognized expert on the costs and applications necessary to repair buildings damaged by manufacturer, builder liability, water damage or intrusion, mold, or asbestos.

Mr. Minor has provided for the successful restoration of millions of dollars in insurance restoration, building failures, and difficult repairs originating from defective construction practices and materials such as fire, wind, water, mold and mildew. His services were in demand for restoration on custom buildings on Bald Head Island.

In addition to managing the business of Complete, Inc., John Minor teaches classes on mold and mildew remediation and prevention through proper building practices to a variety of clients thru Lorman Educational Services and other professional trainers.

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It appears we may just finally have some more Wyatt Earp in place of Billy the Kid in the appraisal industry. Gentlemen and Ladies, check your guns at the city limits of Dodge!

3/3/2015 · Construction
With sea levels rising by some reports and inch a decade and the prediction of stronger hurricanes todays aging building stock is at risk. In addition for new construction we must learn from the past. The proliferation of coastal development begs for consistent and sustainable construction techniques.