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Chemical Forensics Expert Witness Gerard Macri

Gerard A. Macri, PhD
Forensic Chemist
27 Willow Pkwy
New Windsor NY 12553
phone: 845-742-6967
fax: 845-561-9291
GerardGerard A. Macri, PhD is a Forensic Chemist with 40+ years’ experience and a comprehensive understanding of the physical and/or chemical properties and behavior of various substances to assist in the support and vindication of the client’s claim.

Gerard Macri & Associates provides expert technical assistance in forensic chemical investigations, technical and scientific analyses of physical and documentary evidence and serve as an expert witness in the areas of sampling, testing, and identification of unknown chemical residues and substances; analysis of chemical reactants, products, and reactivity; causes and origins of violent chemical reactions, fires and explosions, hazardous chemical reactions and incompatible mixture; limits of chemical overexposure risks, sources of chemical contamination in air, soil, water and environment and other chemical investigations.

Dr. Macri has served as an expert witness for liability claims on behalf of plaintiff / defendant attorneys, as well as insurance companies. Dr. Macri is available to testify in cases involving:
  • Examination/Analysis/Identification of Chemical Forensic Evidence
  • Causation of Chemical Fires, Explosions, and Exothermic Reactions
  • Chemical Overexposure and Injury from Consumer Products
  • Chemical Analyses of Substances Causing a Slip and Fall
  • Hazardous Chemical Reactions of Oxidizers and Flammables/Combustibles Mixtures
  • Estimation of Contaminant Chemical Airborne Concentrations
  • Chemical Overexposure Risk Assessments
  • Cause of Injury from Chemical Consumer Products
  • Warning labels and safety data sheets (SDS) for consumer products
  • Chemical Product Defects and Manufacturer Liability
  • Chemical safety, handling, and storage of flammable, toxic and corrosive chemicals
  • Investigation of Soil, Groundwater, and Storm Water Contamination
  • Compliance with/Violations of Federal EPA and State Environmental Regulations
In 2002, a violent explosion from inside the basement of a ten-story building in New York City hospitalized 31 people (four critically) and caused extensive damages to the masonry structure. The blast dislodged portions of the basement ceiling and inside walls, collapsed the concrete stairwells and portions of the elevator shaft, and shattered glass windows five stories above ground

6/15/2018 · Injury
A New York City pathologist who lived in a Manhattan apartment claimed personal injury from the inhalation of vapors released from a commercially available construction adhesive used in her apartment while she was present. The plaintiff claimed permanent pulmonary distress, asthmatic symptoms, and sensitization to the smell of virtually all other chemicals – including common household chemicals.

5/21/2018 · Chemical Industry
Commercial household drain cleaners sold in retail stores around the country contain a combination of fairly aggressive chemicals designed to unclog drains by dissolving grease, hair, food proteins, and other organic waste products.