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Mechanical Engineering Consultant Robert Tolbert

Robert T. Tolbert, PE
810 Paradise Cove Lane
Wilsonville AL 35186
phone: 205-670-5733 or (cell) 205-937-2747
Robert T. "Robby" Tolbert, PE is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 36 years of work experience in Mechanical, Industrial, and Construction industries. With a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Civil / Structural Engineering, Mr. Tolbert is an excellent engineer for Analysis, Build, Design, Manufacture, and Repair Consultation. He currently holds two U.S. Patents, with two more pending.

A “hands-on” engineer, with an extremely strong aptitude, intuition and superb troubleshooting abilities, Mr. Tolbert has a thorough knowledge and understanding of building construction, machinery, automation, industry, manufacturing, automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, automobile wrecks, industrial settings, railroads, marine, and structural standards. CAD software is used for design, projects and reconstruction, complete with plotter for up to 34” x 60” drawings or illustrations.

Mr.. Tolbert is licensed to practice in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

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