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Ergonomics Safety Consultant Jerry Purswell

Dr. J.P Purswell, PhD, PE, CPE
Ergonomic & Safety Consultant
2035 Mulligan Drive
Colorado Springs CO 80920
phone: 719-592-1773
fax: 719-265-6905
Dr. J.P. Purswell, PhD, PE, CPE has extensive experience in Human Factors, Ergonomics and Safety Engineering. He has completed projects for clients in all these areas and regularly teaches ergonomics and safety engineering at Colorado State University. Dr. Purswell Consults with Manufacturers on Product Safety Issues, including Warnings and Instructions. He also Consults with Employers regarding the development and implementation of safe and ergonomically sound work practices, including the identification and control of ergonomic risk factors for back injuries and upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders.

Dr. Purswell has prepared ANSI Z535 compliant instructions and warnings for attic ventilators, deer-stands, LPG hoses, ammonia hoses, warehouse rack systems, and arts and craft products among others. He has also prepared ANSI Z129.1 compliant warnings for a range of chemical products from gasoline pump warnings to brake pads and ammonia hoses, and OSHA and ANSI Z400.1 compliant material safety data sheets for several chemical manufacturers.

Dr. Purswell is the author of more than 20 publications or presentations on product safety, occupational safety, printed warnings, and auditory warnings. He has been inducted into Alpha Pi Mu, the Industrial Engineering Honor Society and is a recipient of the Gordon Fellowship from the University of Oklahoma.

Consulting Services:
  • Design and Testing of Instruction Manuals and on Product Warnings
  • Usability Testing of Products for Ease-of-Use and Safety
  • OSHA Audits for Employers
  • Employer Training - Benchmarking Safety Performance Against a Company's Industry
  • Employer Training - How to Prepare For OSHA Inspections
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10/10/2013 · Ergonomics
In 2005 a summary of "General Duty Clause" citations issued for ergonomic hazards was published (Purswell & Purswell, 2005). That summary showed that the primary area of ergonomics citation activity under the "General Duty Clause" (paragraph (5)(a)(1) of the OSHAct of 1970) by OSHA to that point had been concentrated in nursing homes, peaking in 2002 and 2003.

The purpose of the current study was to update and expand upon an earlier study performed to review and categorize OSHA accident investigation records for pedestrian-backing vehicle accidents according to whether the backing vehicle had a backup alarm and whether the alarm was installed and functioning as intended. The current study includes an analysis of additional records as well as the business type (SIC code) of the employer.