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Marine Survey Consultant Arlen Leiner

Captain Arlen Leiner, MMS, AMS
6530 Fairway Gardens Dr.
Bradenton FL 34203
phone: 800-782-2106
AAC Marine Group, Inc. is a Florida-based Accredited and Certified Marine Surveyor providing Boat Inspection, Appraisal, and Consulting services throughout the state of Florida, including St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Stuart, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. From Tampa Bay to Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas of Central and South Florida, AAC Marine inspects everything from 18-ft sport-fishing boats to 700-ft yachts and cruise ships, boat engines, tugs, barges, and more – all utilizing state-of-the-art technology including maritime thermal imaging systems.

Captain Arlen Leiner, MMS, AMS, Principal at AAC Marine, is an Accredited Marine Surveyor, Master Marine Surveyor, and has an engineering degree from the University of Toledo. He is trained for MARPOL, SOLAS, and IMO. He uses only state-of-the-art equipment and engine computers to ensure a full and accurate survey. Capt. Leiner's services are available to both commercial and private entities throughout the state of Florida and include:
  • Surveys - Pre-Purchase, Insurance, Appraisals, Damages, Trip and Tow, Tug and Barges, Workboats, Fishing Boats
  • Thermal Imaging - Variations in Temperature, Defects in Parts, and the Health of Large Motors for Boats, Machinery for Manufacturing Equipment
  • Offshore Fishing Charters - All Licenses Included
St. Petersburg / Tampa / Sarasota Office
Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beach Office
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