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Clinical Psychology Consultant James Zender

James F. Zender, PhD
P.O. Box 931, Mount Clemens, MI 48046-0931
Office: 117 Cass Avenue, Suite 204
Mount Clemens MI 48043
phone: 586-465-6148 or 586-909-9056 (Cell)
James Zender, PhD, is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 30 years Trauma experience, the last 15 of which he specialized in Auto Accident Trauma Treatment and Care. This involves helping accident survivors cope with physical and emotional conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Dr. Zender knows from experience that therapy can help auto accident survivors become more comfortable with their new normal, and from there, move forward on the path to thriving and enjoying life once again.

Dr. James Zender on The Extensive And Often Hidden Mental and Physical Trauma Caused By Auto Accidents
Background Experience - Prior to private practice, he worked as a clinical psychologist at Providence Hospital and Ypsilanti Regional Psychiatric Hospital. He was the founding director of the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Psychological Trauma at Detroit Receiving Hospital and University Health Center—one of the premier trauma hospitals worldwide— where he also served as Instructor in Psychiatry.

Dr. Zender has been brought in to evaluate, consult, and train following some of the world’s major traumatic events. While much of his community and disaster work is confidential, the list includes:
  • Terrorist Acts, such as Bombings
  • Industrial Plant and Community Explosions
  • Law Enforcement Critical Events
  • Airline Crashes
  • Civil War and Mass Refugee Scenarios
  • Political Asylum Processes from more than a Dozen Countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Central America
Dr. Zender is the Founding Director of the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Psychological Trauma at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He is a Member of the American Psychological Association, International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Brain Injury Association of Michigan, National Safety Council, International Pain Society, among others.

Consulting for Accident Survivors - Dr. Zender is determined to improve the relationships among insurance companies, providers and the injured insured to create optimal outcomes for all parties. Knowing that proactive, appropriate insurance coverage for accident survivors actually benefits the bottom line and market growth of companies, he is determined to help them navigate the world of trauma treatment more effectively. This will also help trauma survivors—and especially auto accident survivors get the resources they need to recover from their trauma and lead fulfilling lives. In addition, he works in the area of accident prevention through helping drivers change their high risk driving behaviors.

Speaking Engagements and Training - Dr. Zender is a thought leader in the area of the pandemic of automobile accident trauma and its impact on people’s lives. He speaks to a variety of audiences at professional conferences, in-house business trainings, and national and international relief efforts. He has trained various groups of leaders to be proactive in responding to the psychological needs of their teams, particularly in the wake of major traumatic events.

Audiences include human resources departments, all levels of managers, insurance industry professionals, members of professional organizations, other trauma experts, federal and local law enforcement professionals, traumatized communities, international refugees and political asylum seekers.

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7/5/2018 · Psychology
A powerful adjunct to post-trauma psychotherapy is body-oriented therapies and methods. Yoga, massage therapy, and Pilates are powerful tools that should be considered and included in the comprehensive treatment plan. In my work with auto accident trauma survivors I daily see the value of combining massage therapy and methods such as Pilates with the verbal working through of trauma in psychotherapy. I believe auto insurance carriers would earn big returns on their investments by paying for personal trainers to work with survivors in regular Pilates sessions which somatically supports the psycho-therapeutic work. When combined with regular massage therapy, the synergy of the combined approaches is the perfect combination for many people attempting to gain improved emotional regulation, physical health, and mobility.