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Forensic Engineering Recovery Solutions Consultants Envista Forensics

Don Skaff
Managing Director
Worldwide Availability. Offices in North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Australia
111 Deer Lake Rd, Suite 100
Deerfield IL 60015
phone: 888 782-3473 and Local 847-559-3000
fax: 847-559-3010
Envista Forensics is a global leader in Forensic Engineering & Recovery Solutions. They provide Cause & Origin, Failure Analysis, Fire and Explosion Investigations, Accident Reconstruction, Damage Evaluations and Equipment Restoration Services following disasters of all kinds. Envista has offered Consulting Services to the insurance, legal and risk management industries, as well as businesses, public entities, and universities for over 25 years. Their Experts travel globally from 30 offices located across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Australia and Singapore.

Insurance Industry / Claims Professionals - Envista understands the need to save money and expedite the claim, to serve the insured and reduce uncertainty. They offer a menu of services that address insurers’ needs for timely, reliable information, as well as their need to satisfy the policyholders. Envista's insurance clients include Property Adjusters, Casualty and Liability Adjusters and Examiners, Boiler & Machinery Specialists, Inland and Ocean Marine Surveyors, Subrogation and Recovery Professionals, SIU (Special Investigation Units), Forensic Accountants, and Lloyd's & London Market.

Businesses - Envista understands that buildings, equipment, data and other assets are critical to the profitable operation of any business. They are proud to offer a variety of services that help businesses protect themselves when they need it most. Envista offers specialized expertise with all types of business, especially Manufacturers, Technology Companies, Food Processing, Hospitals, Medical / Dental Care, Laboratories, R&D (Research & Design), Schools and Universities, Law, Accounting, and other Professional Service Firms, Banking, Securities, Financial, Energy, Transportation, Retail, and Broadcast and Entertainment.

Universities & Public Entities - Risk Managers and Business Officers responsible for the operations of colleges, universities, local government and other entities have the challenging role of working to prevent financial exposure following disasters involving business-critical equipment, buildings/structures, data/networks, as well as safety. Envista engineers and technicians have over a quarter century’s worth of experience providing forensic consulting for college risk professionals, as well as the insurance carriers and legal professionals who serve them.

Consulting Services:
  • Equipment Damage Assessments
  • Forensic Engineering / Causation Analysis
  • Building & Structure Damage Assessments
  • Equipment Restoration & Preservation
  • Evaluation of Repair and Replacement
  • Project Management of Repair and Recovery Efforts Options
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Forensics
  • Forensic Video Services
  • Cyber Incident Analysis
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2/18/2014 · Medical
All is quiet at 10:30 pm until a nurse notices water on the 2nd floor hallway. Building maintenance is called and discovers a ruptured pipe fitting in a bathroom on the 2nd floor. The water is shut off at 10:45 pm but unfortunately the damage has been done. It is later discovered that water penetrated through perforations in the ceiling in the CT suite on the 1st floor exposing the 16-slice CT gantry and patient table to water.

1/14/2014 · Machinery
The role that water plays in our existence is well understood. Without it, most living things will rapidly wither and die. Equally catastrophic of course, are the consequences of too much water. Not only to living things, in terms of widespread flooding, but also in terms of damage to machinery and equipment from exposure to water.

Is it possible to differentiate between lightning related surges and artificially generated electrical surges?

E-Discovery is the process of collecting and exchanging electronically stored information (ESI) that is requested during the discovery phase in civil litigation.

3/14/2013 · Corrosion
An ominous cloud of smoke continues to billow as the sprinklers rain water throughout the facility. The production manager's mechanical and electrical equipment is rapidly deteriorating, and within hours, the previously pristine equipment normally used to manufacture precision circuit boards will have a thin coating of flash rust with further damage forthcoming.

1/25/2013 · Damages
Doctors and nurses need to make quick, educated decisions to minimize the impact of difficult situations. These decisions are based on the practitioner's years of experience, their education, the science and technology available, and with the assistance of critical analytical and diagnostic equipment.

11/19/2012 · Damages
A water pipe breaks in a healthcare provider's facility, saturating an MRI control cabinet. The manufacturer is called in and spends $200,000 on attempted repairs. The unit still doesn't work. The manufacturer says the entire unit needs to be replaced, at a cost of $240,000.

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